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Choosing the Best Charities to Donate To

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Best Charities to Donate To

Unfortunately, there is much suffering in the world, but there are many ways that those of us with financial resources and the time and energy to volunteer can help to alleviate it. Give to the right charities, and you’ll know that you can make the world a better place.

Informed Giving

The first thing to decide is how much you can afford to give and whether you plan to give of your time or your finances. You may want to check with your accountant about the rules regarding charities taxable receipts for income tax purposes. If you plan to volunteer, be realistic about when and how you will be able to work.
Next, think about the type of giving that you want to do. Some families give a large amount of money to one specific not-for-profit; others support a number of causes. Some prefer to donate to charities that have a religious basis; others prefer secular organizations. If you’re volunteering, make sure that you choose a charity that’s near to your heart, since payment for your efforts will consist of the satisfaction you receive knowing that you’re working for something you believe in.
There are six basic types of charities:
  • Environmental charities. These include groups that work to conserve and protect nature, or charities that keep a particular park or nature centre running.
  • Health charities. Many of us have had our lives affected by a specific illness, and give to a charity that supports research for a cure. You might also choose to donate to charities that provide funds for hospice or palliative care, organizations that help to promote mental health, or hospital foundations.
  • Animal charities. These might include wildlife conservation organizations, pet and animal welfare organizations, hunting and fishing conservation groups, or zoos and aquariums.
  • Education charities. Donations to a particular school or university, helping to endow a scholarship, or giving to an organization that supports underprivileged students all fall in this category.
  • Arts and culture. Celebrate our talent and our history by giving to museums and libraries, or music, theatre, or dance groups.
  • International NGOs. International NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) tend to work in developing countries to provide disaster relief or humanitarian aid. They may also promote peace and human rights, international development, or conservation.

The Right Fit

Look for a charity that matches your interests, and analyze what they do and how they do it. The government has recommended that a charity should spend less than 35% of their budget on fundraising, but be sure to look at the effectiveness of the organization overall, and the difficulty of delivering the programs they provide. Excellent not-for-profits operate programs that feature a lot of grassroots, local involvement.
Help to conserve nature, cure a deadly disease, or save the life of a hungry or exploited child. Make a difference in our world through the best charities to donate to!

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